Grateful by Lucille Pietri

The summer before my sophomore year, I participated in a summer rowing program in Sag Harbor, which gave me a taste for the rigor and complexity of crew. When my close friend introduced me to PCRA, the team she was on, I joined the team and began rowing. Little did I know that I would soon start my journey of Metro North train rides and carpools every day from the city. 

As soon as I stepped into the boathouse on Glen Island, I loved PCRA. I have made many close friendships on the team, and every day I am genuinely excited to see all of the girls on my team. Rowing for me is a perfect avenue for personal growth. Over the past two years, I have become a stronger person, physically and mentally. 

Being on the water every day is a challenge, but I think that the challenge is the most important part. Physically, the push with one’s legs is arduous, and mentally, the concentration needed to keep in time with everyone in the boat is rigorous. Overall, the challenge is rewarding and exhilarating when everyone is in time and the boat speeds down the course. 

If it weren't for the coaches who provide inspiration and technical advice without asking for perfection, I would not be the rower I am today. PCRA has encouraged me to strive for my best, and I have never been more grateful.

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MaryAnn Provenzano