2018 PCRA Youth Winter Programming

PCRA Winter training begins November 26th at our new indoor training facility located in the New Rochelle YMCA! Varsity, Intermediate, and Development teams will begin a twelve week training session in preparation for the Spring championship season beginning March 5th. Registration is open through our BlueSombrero registration portal

Training Facility

Our new indoor training facility is located in the New Rochelle YMCA at 50 Weyman Avenue. The space will provide PCRA athletes in our winter program with a dedicated space to train and erg. All athletes will also have access to the fitness equipment available at its full-service gym, including a pool, weights, showers, sauna, and a variety of activities offered. Access to the ergs and equipment will be available at any time the YMCA is open.

All PCRA athletes participating in winter programming are required to become individual members of the New Rochelle YMCA for the duration of our winter program. The YMCA is pro-rating the fee for the month of November and waiving the sign-up fee for all PCRA members.

Click here to register your rower at the New Rochelle YMCA.



Our annual Ergathon fundraiser will be held on a TBD date at the New Rochelle YMCA. 


Race Team Winter Training (Varsity & Intermediate)

PCRA’s coaching staff consider winter training to be the most important season for our programs success. Our tailored training will be structured to optimize rowing fitness and technique, making it competitive with the best programs in the country. Direct hands on coaching and a focus on erg training will be crucial for our athletes development as rowers. Varsity & Intermediate teams will be combined into one Winter Race Team. The training will take place at our new indoor rowing facility at the New Rochelle YMCA. Practices will be held five days per week in three sessions. Please note, session times for Girls and Boys race team will switch half way during the season according to the schedule below.

Winter Session Dates

Nov 26 – Dec 21 (four weeks)
No organized training from Dec 22 – Jan 1. Individual workouts will be assigned, please plan to have access to a rowing machine.
Jan 2 – Feb 22 (eight weeks)
Spring season will begin March 4th.

Race Team Session Times

Session 1
3:30 – 5:15 PM, Monday – Friday
Race Team Overflow*

Session 2
4:45 – 6:45 PM, Monday – Friday
Boys Race Team (Nov 26 – Jan 11)
Girls Race Team (Jan 14 – Feb 22)

Session 3
6:15 – 8:15 PM, Monday – Friday
Girls Race Team (Nov 26 – Jan 11)
Boys Race Team (Jan 14 – Feb 22)

A sixth “on your own” erg workout per week is expected to be completed by each athlete outside of organized practice, and is to be submitted to the coach each week. There may be some Saturday group practices as well.

*If we have more race team sign ups than can be accommodated in a single session, Race Team will overflow into Session 1. Allocation to Session 1 will be done at coaches’ discretion.

Indoor Rowing Competition Schedule

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, date TBD.  Hosted by PCRA at the Pelham Middle School Gym. All youth race team members are required to participate!

Feb 24th: C. R. A. S. H. -B. Sprints – World Indoor Rowing Championships. Location: Boston University’s Agganis Arena, Boston, MA. Optional for youth, not included in fees. This regatta can be a big recruiting event, but is not necessary to the recruiting process. We will do an erg test this weekend for those who don’t wish to go to Boston.

If our athletes are close to the USRowing Development standards for Youth Athletes, we may organize for you to go to some USRowing ID Camps.


Winter Race Team Fee: TBD


Development Team Winter Training

The Development Team will either be a two day a week or three day a week program that is geared towards all Middle School athletes and High School athletes new to rowing. We will focus on improving rowing aptitude with technique and workouts on the rowing machine, in addition to team building and having a lot of fun! This program is not competitive and allows our younger and newer athletes to master the fundamentals of the stroke and build fitness before joining our competitive programs. Winter training will be held at our facility at the New Rochelle YMCA. The goals of the program are to introduce Rowing for newcomers, improve Rowing ability, increase flexibility, stay injury free, and have a lot of fun!

Winter Training Dates

Nov 26 – Dec 21 (four weeks)
No organized training from Dec 23 – Jan 1.
Jan 2 – Feb 22 (eight weeks)

Development Team Session Times

Development Team 2-day program:

Development team athletes will be placed into one of two groups:
Group A, Monday & Thursday, 3:30 – 5:15 PM
Group B, Tuesday & Friday, 3:30 – 5:15 PM

Development team 2-day program fee: $330

Development Team 3-day program:

Development team athletes will be placed into one of two groups:
Group A, Monday & Thursday, 3:30 – 5:15 PM, Saturday 10-11:45 AM
Group B, Tuesday & Friday, 3:30 – 5:15 PM, Saturday 10-11:45 AM

Development team 3-day program fee: TBD