PCRA Private Lessons


Private, personalized lessons are a great way to achieve that break through moment that can make the difference between truly understanding the fundamentals of rowing and being suspicious that it’s a secret that everyone knows except for you!

Private lessons run 1.5 hours on the water, or 1 hour if on the erg and are scheduled through PCRA’s Program Administrator MaryAnn Provenzano (admin@pcrarowing.com) with the coach of your choice.

Fee schedule:

On the water coaching:
$80 for 1 person
$100 for 2 people (2x)
$120 for 4 people (4x)

On the erg coaching:
$60 for 1 person
$75 for 2 people

It is preferable for private lessons to be paid by check, payable to PCRA. Payments for private lessons should be placed in an envelope with the athlete(s) name, date of lesson, and coach’s name noted, and given to the coach at the time of the lesson.