2018 PCRA Youth Fall Programming

PCRA fall training begins last week in August at our boathouse on Glen Island. Registration is now open. We offer an array of programs to ensure the best fit for your rower's ability, please read through the different programs below


Training Facilities

Our boathouse is located on Glen Island, where we will be doing the bulk of our spring work. We do our winter indoor training at the New Rochelle YMCA at 50 Weyman Avenue. Rowing machines will be available to use for PCRA members during the fall season when the YMCA is open. YMCA members will also have access to the fitness equipment available at its full-service gym, including a pool, weights, showers, sauna, and a variety of activities offered. A YMCA membership is OPTIONAL for the fall 2018 season.


Preseason (8/27 - 8/31) *varsity/intermediate try-out

Preseason is open to High School rowers and select 8th graders (by invitation from a Head Coach). 

All athletes aiming for a spot on the Varsity program or Intermediate program should attend Preseason, which will be a week long training and evaluation process in the last week of August, culminating in a 5K erg test on 8/31. Selection for Varsity & Intermediate teams will be dependent on coaches evaluations, erg test results, and technique, resulting from evaluation during the preseason. Any athlete unable to attend preseason must submit a 5k erg score with a photo of the erg screen, by 7pm on Friday, 8/31 for consideration. Email to admin@pcrarowing.com. Placement to Varsity or Intermediate teams will be based on coaching staff's evaluation. Technique, erg score, coachability, and practice approach will be some of the main characteristics used to determine placement.

There will be two Preseason session times available. They are:



Preseason Fee: $75

Please note: You will be notified of placement on Race Team via email on Saturday, September 1, 2018


Varsity team (8/27 - 11/8)

Varsity is open to High School rowers with previous rowing experience. 

The top 50 athletes (roughly divided 50/50 boys/girls) will be invited to compete on the Varsity squad. The Varsity squad practices will be 2h15m long, and will begin on Tuesday, September 4th. The Varsity squad will have 5 weekly team practices per and may practice on Saturdays to get additional work in for the season. The Varsity squad will aim to compete in every regatta. Attendance at all practices is required, absences may impact race participation.

The Varsity team will train in the 2nd PM session M-F.


Varsity Practice time: 5:15PM – 7:30PM 9/5 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - we will give as much lead time as we can

Varsity Race Team Fee: $1,250

NOTE ABOUT THE HEAD OF THE CHARLES: Performance at Head of the Charles is the focus of the season, those boats will be selected early and will race together all season in preparation for the race. We do not always determine what boats we are given, we enter a lottery and are assigned spots. This regatta is important in determining how many boats we can race next year. If you are selected for a Charles boat, you MUST arrive in Boston by noon Friday and stay in Boston through to Sunday. There will be mandatory team practices and race walk throughs on Friday and Saturday, with the races being on Sunday.


intermediate team (8/27 - 11/8)

Intermediate is open to High School rowers, and select 8th graders upon invite at the discretion of the Head Coach. All 8th and 9th graders must have completed a least two seasons of development team programs.

The Intermediate team will be capped at 40 athletes + coxswains (roughly divided 50/50 boys girls). Preference will be given to results from previous seasons and preseason assessment. The Intermediate squad practices will be 1h45m long, and will begin on Tuesday, September 4th. The Intermediate squad will have 5 team practices per week, and a 6th workout per week expected to be completed individually. The Intermediate squad will aim to compete in all regattas, except for Head of the Charles. Attendance at all practices is required, absences may impact race participation.

The Intermediate team will train in the 1st PM session

Monday - Friday, 3:30pm – 5:15pm

Intermediate Race Team Fee: $1,075


Development team (9/10 - 11/8)

Development team is open to new and novice rowers who are a minimum of 12 years old AND in 7th grade. Development is geared towards athletes in their first or second year of rowing.

The Development squad will be capped at 45 athletes (roughly divided 50/50 boys girls). Preference will be given to first year athletes, and young athletes. Practices will be 1h30m long, and will begin Monday September 10th. The Development squad will have 4 team practices per week. The Development team will participate in the Grab Bag regatta, which is our end of season scrimmage.

The Development team will practice in two groups, with different practice times:

Development Team Group A (HIGH SCHOOL): 
Monday 4:00p-5:40p
Thursday 4:00p-5:40p
Saturday 9a-11a
Sunday 11a-1p

Development Team Group B (MIDDLE SCHOOL): 
Tuesday 4:00p-5:40p
Friday 4:00p-5:40p
Saturday 11-1p
Sunday 9a-11a

Development Team Fee: $575


Informational sessionS

There will be two parent information session held at the boathouse. We will video tape each and put a link in the parent section of this website.

Varsity & Intermediate Parent Information Session:  Monday, 9/10 - 7:30p
Development Team Parent Information Session:  Group A: Sunday, 9/16 - 1pm, Group B: Saturday, 9/15 - 1pm


important dates

8/27 – Preseason begins

9/4 - Varsity & Intermediate practices begin

9/10 – Development team practices begin

9/10 – Varsity & Intermediate Informational meeting, 7:30pm boathouse

9/15 - Development Team Parent Informational meeting, Group B 1pm boathouse

9/16 - Development team Parent Informational meeting, Group A 1pm boathouse

11/8 – Last day of practice



Head of the Riverfront (Saturday, September 29)

Head of the Passaic (Sunday, October 14th)

Head of the Charles (Boston, NY - 10/20-10/21) *overnight trip, select Varsity crews based on entries (Crews chosen MUST be in Boston on Friday, October 19 at 1:00pm and remain in Boston through Sunday, October 21 - NO EXCEPTIONS)

Head of the Schuylkill (Philadelphia, PA - 10/28) *overnight trip, all Varsity & Intermediate crews

PCRA Grab Bag (PCRA Boathouse - 11/3