Adult Programs

PCRA’s Masters Program offers learn to row, intermediate and competitive programs for rowers of all skill levels in Westchester and the Sound Shore communities.  We teach the rules of rowing and respect for the water, boat, crew and others.  We are committed to building a stronger rowing community in the Westchester and the Sound Shore areas by providing access to the rowing course on the Orchard Beach Lagoon out of a new boathouse on Glen Island.  The PCRA Masters program is open to all, no matter experience or age and regardless of whether one’s interest is to compete  or simply to learn row as a healthy recreational activity.



Masters Rowing Programs

PCRA offers several different levels of rowing programs for Masters.


Summer U23 Race Team

Information for the Summer U23 Race Team


Captains Corner

Resources for PCRA Masters Captains.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are for people who are new to the sport, as well as anyone who wants individual coaching to work on a certain skill.